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SENSORIAL CONTAMINATION / Mirla Fernandes          

Workshop at LaGerminal

18th October 2013 (from 9:00/12:00 and 14:00/17:00)

Fee: 40€

For inscriptions, please, go here.


First a jewel needs to be produced; then there will be a body that will interact with it, evoking a series of reactions and feelings on the person itself and on the other. So, in its core structure, jewelry presents three agents: the maker, the user and the viewer.

In this workshop we will blend the roles of maker/user and focus on the relationship and opportunities of interaction between the user and the viewer, researching how does this relationship occurs and what are its potential possibilities.

In order to do so we will approach concepts and practices of contemporary art and we will have practical exercises derived from Aikido just as a fundamental preparation of the conscience about the interaction with the other.



Mirla Fernandes is Brazilian visual artist whose work has an emphasis on the body as subject, pursuing ways of promoting enhanced perception through out object-jewels. Some of these investigations have been done also through Aikido, a martial art she studies since 2004 and today also acts as an instructor.

Often using crossing procedures of varied medias such as jewelry, painting, drawing, photograph and engraving, she has been exhibiting her work in the international contemporary jewelry scene since 1998, being nominated for the Prince Claus Award in 2010.

Coordinating NOVAJOIA since 2006, she promotes exhibitions, workshops and lectures on art-jewelry, working along with Ornata, a Brazilian academic research group, and also with Otro Diseño Foundation.



La Germinal has moved to a new (great) space

La Germinal has moved to a new (great) space

We’ve been busy working to set up a new place.

The new (great) space is getting ready to host the 2012 activities. Keep tuned since the program will be posted soon. We hope that what we’re cooking for you will excite and engage your taste.

You’re always welcome to visit us but in the meantime here you have some pictures:

La Germinal starts

In February we start the Work Clinic group.

Participate in this activity might interest you if you recognize yourself in any of these situations:

  • You want to try something new that means a momentum for your creative development.
  • The project in which you’re working seems to be swamped, has become more of the same, or has lost focus. And you want to refresh your attention and your intention.
  • You need to take perspective on your work and review the place from where you approach your projects.
  • You feel that is a good time to reinforce your commitment and believe that a little external structure would suit you.
  • You think that to listen, to watch, to learn and to mingle with the ideas and processes of other active creators can be a stimulating for your career and a nourishing supplement for your creative baggage.
  • Feel like taking a time to deepen in the context of your work and how to respond to it. And you want to try sharing this exercise with other creators who have similar questions.
  • Thinking tempts you and you want a little extra workout that helps to build this thought up.
  • You think that when an idea is put on the table to be communicated and shared, you get an improved idea.

You have more information here

Any inquiry is welcome here

La Germinal arranca en Febrero

En febrero iniciamos el grupo de Clínica de Obra

Participar en esta actividad puede interesarte si te reconoces en alguna de estas situaciones:

  • Te apetece probar algo nuevo que te impulse en tu desarrollo creativo.
  • El proyecto en el que vienes trabajando parece encallado, empantanado, se ha vuelto más de lo mismo, o ha perdido foco. Y quieres refrescar tu atención y tu intención.
  • Necesitas tomar perspectiva en relación a tu obra, y revisar el enfoque desde el que la proyectas.
  • Sientes que es un buen momento para intensificar tu dedicación y crees que un poco de estructura externa te vendría bien.
  • Te parece que escuchar, ver, aprender y mezclarte con los procesos e ideas de otros creadores en activo puede ser un revulsivo para tu carrera y un refuerzo nutritivo para tu bagaje creativo.
  • Tienes ganas  de dedicar un tiempo a profundizar en el contexto de tu trabajo y tu manera de responder al mismo. Y quieres provar compartir este ejercicio con otros creadores que igual se hacen preguntas parecidas.
  • Te tienta pensar y te apetece un poco de gimnasia extra que estimule la construcción de este pensamiento.
  • Crees que una idea que se pone sobre la mesa para ser comunicada y compartida, es una idea que resulta mejorada.

Tienes más información aquí

Cualquier consulta será bienvenida aquí

program to come

Gracias por vuestras reacciones positivas y estimulantes comentarios!
Estamos trabajando en la programación de las próximas actividades de La Germinal. En unos días tendréis disponible la agenda prevista para los meses de invierno-primavera. Durante el mes de enero ofreceremos sesiones de presentación de nuestras actividades, si estáis interesados en saber más sobre estas sesiones y asistir, podéis contactarnos a través del email para concretar una cita.

Thanks for your positive feedback and challenging comments!
We are working on the program of La Germinal. Within days you will have available the agenda scheduled for the winter-spring period. During the month of January we’ll offer sessions presenting our activities. If you are interested in knowing more about these sessions and to attend, please contact us through the email to make an appointment.


La Germinal es un nuevo espacio en Barcelona, donde las personas que desarrollan tareas creativas pueden venir a aprender, entrenarse y compartir. La Germinal es una habitación grande y despejada donde empiezan a suceder cosas.

welcome aboard

Hi friends,

Very soon La Germinal will open in Barcelona to offer a place for courses, projects, workshops and any activity to foster creativity in all art fields, specially in contemporary jewelry. You’re all invited to propose which courses would you like to have or to suggest anything on the matter.

See you soon in La Germinal.

gemma draper

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